Teresa and Sula, you were both excellent facilitators. You set the tone and created the environment that allowed us to have such a meaningful experience.


The environment was a balance of calm, professional, energetic and above all open and safe. The tone was trusting, encouraging, and non-judgmental. I’ve participated in other communication style/ personality style courses... While each of these were valuable and positive experiences, none of them compare to the Academy. What I took from the Academy really struck a cord and I believe will stick with me.


Caitlin Graham, Global Account Directorm, Starcom Mediavest Group


What do people say about our programmes?

Some comments from May 2016

Never in my professional life have I attended any training that had such a holistic approach to me as a person! I tend to separate my work life and personal life and as much as I do think it is a healthy approach to some extent – who I am as a person impacts my work. Now I feel that by being more honest with myself in general I can become a better professional, build better relationships and be a better business leader .


My main objective was to be able to be able to change my ‘default’ settings and adapt better to situations which I find uncomfortable… I can honestly say that Academy has provided me with tools to be able to do this.

Marek Wrobel, Mobile Strategy & Development Associate Director


“Teresa and Sula’s understanding and care for people is a wonderful talent that I am very grateful to have experienced and a really looking forward to our next session together”.


The Academy was an incredible experience and one that will stay with me for the rest of my life. The Academy taught me responsibility, openness, honesty, trust.


I now have a deep sense of calm and self-control that I have never felt before, and as a result of this experience I have the self-belief and self-awareness that I needed.

Hayley Hedges, Manager, MediaVest Planning

Better performances, accountability, ownership, inevitably lead to a better use of resources, time efficiency, talent retention, creativity and collaboration between different departments as the team included people with different backgrounds.

Giovanni Sarazani, Associate Director, Precision Marketing


Ultimately, it’s empowering your staff with the skills that make you more of an asset.

Kieran Smith, Manager, Samsung Team, Starcom MediaVest

The ROI for the business is that the employees that go on this, come back a lot more structured in thinking and with a more robust understanding of people management (which cannot be learnt in 2 hour masterclasses) – which benefits the people they manage and ultimately impacts retention and workplace happiness.


I am a lot less stressed and more relaxed about the deadlines I am set, and I am more assertive in pushing back and empowering my team to do the same – setting a good example for them to grow with.

Mariam Nasir, Manager, Precision Marketing


Some comments from previous years

From an article in the Sunday Times, March 7 2010


“The company has been living up to its “fearless” core value recently by refusing to be cowed by the economic downturn. Instead it has undertaken the largest training programme in its history, invested in new talent by employing 10 new graduate trainees (the most it has ever taken in a single year) and made no redundancies…. In total, 460 separate training sessions were delivered and those in the “inspired talent academy” got to visit locations such as Marrakesh to oil the cogs of inspiration.” Read more here


"Every aspect of the course has revolutionised my thinking, from the way I interact with people, to trust, to listening and to having faith in my own abilities."


"Words can't really describe how it was ... the best i can do is 'bloody brilliant'. I learnt so much about myself, how to manage people better, how to nurture relationships better, how to listen, how to trust and the list goes on."


“Those few days really allowed me to get everything in perspective - it isn't often that you are able to take time to really think (about yourself, your life, your relationships as well as work) and it was a privilege to be able to do so."


"Even for a cynic like me it was a real eye opener that made me ask myself questions I had never thought of. I now need to begin the process of answering these questions but I am definitely more open, more focussed and more motivated than I was a week ago. "

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the amazing experience I had. Indescribable how much I learnt and I understood about myself, in the workplace and, most of all, personally."


“It is a great chance to challenge yourself and become more aware of your actions and what impact they have on others. It would be a positive change for everybody taking part.”


"Hilarious, intense, challenging and inspirational. A fantastic few days that I will always remember. Thanks for being direct, honest, and pushing me really hard. I was drained but totally exhilarated."


"You both have a real skill in encouraging people to make the most of the experience & getting the best out of them. Thanks for making it such good fun and the more time I've had to reflect on the experience, I realise how much I've taken away from it."

"I wanted to let you know how thankful I am to be able to experience The Academy. It may have been the best week of my life. I know this was rolled out in Australia but I'd love to help spread it to many of our other agencies/locations across the world. This experience for our employees/colleagues will change our business and our lives."


"The experience is amazing, I wish everyone would have an opportunity, in the shorter term, it showed me to look at situations, especially challenging ones with a different perspective, but most importantly - to believe in myself, in my abilities, my values & what I believe in"



“I think it has been one of the most valuable experiences I have ever had from a personal and professional perspective.”

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