What we do

What we do - Workshop Overview


According to our clients, the experiential approach we take is not only unique but brings tangible value and a return on investment.


We are specialists in team facilitation, troubleshooting and coaching. We design and deliver unique Leadership and Management Academies.

We have a workshop series that includes our highly-popular conflict-busting, Wavelength Communications day.

We tailor-make programmes to fit any brief, so please explore some of our current programmes below for ideas and talk to us about how we can best support you.

Made to measure leadership training: The Academy


The Academy is an experiential Leadership programme designed to promote excellence, drive, self-belief, the ability to be our best, and to inspire others to do the same. The content will be built around your business needs, and the programme will be branded to build loyalty and excitement within your organisation [The SMG Academy for example]


The Academy gives delegates time out to become aware of their automatic attitudes and reactions and to learn to adopt new and more effective solution-focused approaches, skills, strategic thinking, relationship and leadership capabilities.

Wavelength Communication


Wavelength Communication is a unique one day workshop. An essential conflict-busting, collaboration-building exercise, the day gives delegates the tools to understand everyone they come into contact with,and the ability to foster meaningful connections, even with those who challenge them the most.

Active listening


What happens to you when you are given the space to speak and to express yourself clearly, with encouragement and without fear of interruption? And what might that be like for your clients and colleagues? Who taught you how to listen? And do you ever stop to think what it is you are listening for? Most of us ‘hear’ as opposed to ‘listen’. Learn how to move from passively hearing, to actively listening - a creative and highly rewarding skill. Learn how to listen to understand, rather than listen to respond.


Feedback skills


Feedback is vital in managing and developing others to help them reach their full potential. Providing feedback that improves performance and boosts productivity requires the development of specific skills. When done properly, delivering feedback is a powerful skill that can help individuals develop their talents, build confidence, and become world-class performers.

Team facilitation day


This is a special workshop for teams of people who have either been working together for a long time or are growing rapidly, where there may be unspoken issues and where getting to know each other better to create openness, honesty and trust would support the team to grow, develop and experience greater success.

Breathing space

This can be used as a regular monthly drop-in. It is a facilitated session, usually with a topic that can be anything from ‘my biggest frustration’, ‘self-management’, ‘harnessing emotion’, ‘communicating expectations’, to ‘striving for excellence’, with many more options open to discussion. It has a networking element, so could be used for the senior women in a group, for example, or an ops board or account directors across the business.

Managing challenging relationships


We all have challenging relationships. Perhaps you find it difficult to say no. Perhaps you find it difficult to communicate your needs. Perhaps you find it difficult to manage your stress and tension. And don’t some people just drive us mad? – they really know how to push our buttons! This session offers tools to enable you to create more harmony where there’s discord and to experience the growth these challenges can bring.

Building better teams


The focus is on how to engage everyone in a team to constantly get productive results and how to manage the complex dynamics and relationships. Common goals and a vision will help drive cooperation and performance. Efficient teams know how to resolve conflicts before they happen. They have clarity about everyone’s role and are aligned to the team’s vision.

Coaching skills for managers and mentors


Leaders and Managers can use highly effective coaching skills to motivate, delegate, for problem solving, relationship issues, planning, reviewing and appraisals. However, the continuous awareness and employment of the underlying principles of coaching during daily interactions – even a single sentence – can be pervasive, inspiring and impactful.

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