Feedback skills

Creating openness with the group and giving feedback was fantastic to see the positive effect on relationship building and personal development. This is something I want to continue to foster in both my work and personal relationships. Particularly the feedback technique we used of ‘how I experienced myself, and how I experienced you.’ This is a great feedback technique I’d like to use with the team after a meeting.

Hayley Hedges, Manager, Starcom MediaVest Planning

Feedback skills


Feedback is vital in managing and developing others to help them reach their full potential. Providing feedback that improves performance and boosts productivity requires the development of specific skills. When done properly, delivering feedback is a powerful skill that can help individuals develop their talents, build confidence, and become world-class performers.


Our Feedback Skills workshop uses a behavioural approach to teach participants how to deliver specific open, honest, constructive feedback. Feedback that is heard, understood and actionable. Leaders and managers will learn to identify the type of feedback that is most appropriate for the given situation. This approach teaches leaders how to improve performance, promote trust, and increase productivity.


  • Know how and when to deliver feedback;
  • Create relationships where people are open to hearing your feedback;
  • Retain talent and gain higher organisational productivity and performance;
  • Give feedback that enables others to take responsibility for their own development;
  • Increase competence, motivation, confidence and trust;
  • Learn how to ask for feedback and see it as a gift.


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