Wavelength Communication

''With an extensive knowledge in her field, Teresa was a brilliant tutor who oozed passion. The session covered a wealth of information that clearly allowed me to understand my communication style and those around me. It has already impacted my job as it has offered me a different approach to situations that I needed to manage.”


''This course didn't meet my expectations, it exceeded them - it was honest, smart and thought provoking!''

Wavelength Communication


Wavelength Communication is a unique one day workshop. An essential conflict-busting, collaboration-building exercise, the day gives delegates the tools to understand everyone they come into contact with,and the ability to foster meaningful connections, even with those who challenge them the most.


Wavelength is a practical day that supports teams and groups of people to better communicate with each other in a way that will be positively received to create more enduring relationships, improved decision making and high-impact performance.


There may be problems in your business that you don’t know you have. An executive once said, “If I’m totally honest I don’t call my client back because I don’t like the way they talk to me, so I leave it for a few days.” No one should have to put up with rudeness, but it does need to be managed. What might be the hidden cost to your business if you have even one or two people who privately think like that? And what might change if they had the skills to connect with everyone, even clients they perceive to be rude or difficult.


Wavelength delivers the tools to help them manage their communication with all types of people, even creating connection where there was misunderstanding or resistance.

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