Breathing space

“I just wanted to share that this was an excellent session and it felt like a new and progressive way to approach development. It felt very grounded in fact and rooted in the behaviours/issues that are most challenging for women. I also felt this was mostly new content for me, it was fab. “'

Breathing space


This can be used as a regular monthly drop-in. It is a facilitated session, usually with a topic that can be anything from ‘my biggest frustration’, ‘self-management’, ‘harnessing emotion’, ‘communicating expectations’, to ‘striving for excellence’, with many more options open to discussion. It has a networking element, so could be used for the senior women in a group, for example, or an ops board or account directors across the business.


Delegates learn from each other’s experiences and get tips and tools on how to manage their real-life situations with the benefit of an experienced external facilitator. We can also add a mindfulness element to this session which supports people with stress, focus and motivation.

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