“Teresa has developed a quietly inspiring approach to drawing the best from people. Her work is invaluable, helping an individual to truly look within themselves and call upon their own, inner resources to understand how they can make positive changes and influence those around them. I value her unique skills, insight and passion for what she does and am delighted to have her as a very trusted and respected partner.”

Sarah Taylor, L&D Manager, SMV

We coach individuals and teams to be their best!


Over the years we have worked with numerous business leaders, directors, managers and teams to help them explore motivations, goals and blocks and to build a strategic forward moving action plan.


Coaching is a dynamic process that encourages individuals and teams to maximise professional potential. Effective coaching is an art as well as a skill, and used expertly facilitates the development of relationships, capability, mindsets and behaviour change, elevating performance and results.


Nancy Kline, who developed The Thinking Environment said,


“The brain that contains the problem probably also contains the solution. If the conditions are right, the huge intelligence of the human being surfaces. Ideas seem to come from nowhere and sometimes stun us."


Our relational approach to coaching creates those conditions and has been described as engaging, challenging, intuitive, practical, passionate and really useful.

“ It is easy to feel a ‘victim’ or resentful of the workload – this coaching has really helped me understand how I can get better control of the situation and in doing so has helped me become a lot more self-aware.”

Senior Client Director, Landor Associates



“Wow, that was an amazing experience. I learnt so much, I’ve grown so much and my confidence feels like it comes from the inside now”

Senior Account Director. Grey Advertising




“The coaching has been invaluable. Teresa provided tools to help me break down what might otherwise have seemed too large to get a grip on and has nudged me in the right direction when I drift off track.”

C.A, Director, Hermes Focus Asset Management Ltd

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