About us

“Teresa and Sula, you were both excellent facilitators. You set the tone and created the environment that allowed us to have such a meaningful experience. The environment was a balance of calm, professional, energetic and above all open and safe. The tone was trusting, encouraging, and non-judgmental.”

Caitlin Graham, Associate Director, Starcom MediaVest

About us

- 25+ years experience in training and personal development.

- Experts in coaching, training, facilitation and change management.

- A deep understanding and first hand experience of media, sales and creative business.

Teresa Garfield


Teresa’s passion is working with people, be it coaching individuals or facilitating groups and teams. Her mission is to support people to be their best. The focus of her work is on creating sustainable working relationships, building accountability and authenticity. She believes self-awareness is the key for choosing how to respond rather than react to situations and opportunities. Teresa partners people and teams to recognise possibilities they may have overlooked and help them find creative, actionable solutions.


Teresa is a qualified learning and development professional, with extensive experience of working with corporate clients. She specialises in executive coaching, leadership and management development, mediation, team performance, talent development, communication and collaboration skills and managing conflict.

Sula Bruce


Sula is a practical and dynamic facilitator and coach passionate about growing human potential, building partnerships and developing confidence while increasing effectiveness and productivity. She has worked with a wide range of teams in a variety of places and spaces from conference centres in the USA, Brazil and South Africa to the UN headquarters in Kenya and the snowy mountains of the Alps. She is exceptionally organised and as well as coaching and leadership training has produced humanitarian aid, international development, sustainable development and climate change events globally.


Sula’s interest in personal development began in 1997, when she enrolled on a series of self-awareness courses, and went from participant to volunteer team supervisor and coach in record time, displaying an intrinsic aptitude for, love of and instinctive ability for the work.

The Academy is an experiential leadership programme designed to promote excellence, drive, self-belief, the ability to be our best and to inspire others to do the same.

Seen as an investment in talent within the business, The Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG) Academy has evolved into a essential part of the annual learning and development calendar.




A powerful one day workshop to enable more effective and collaborative relationships with clients and colleagues, employing a simple, user-friendly, conflict-busting model to connect with and influence others.

Some of our clients:

“I have no doubt that this is going to be the best training opportunity I ever do. On both a personal and professional level. The course equips you with a new attitude, a belief in yourself and an urge to use that to make a difference – whether that is seeing the potential in your team or sticking your hand up for a new business task.”

Jennifer Saunders, Associate Director, Liquid Thread

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